Domesticity Meme


If you can think of a ship, i will answer these questions for them

who cooks normally?:

how often do they fight?:

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

nicknames for each other?:

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

who steals the covers at night?:

what would they get each other for gifts?:

who remembers things?:

who cusses more?:

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

who kissed who first?:

who made the first move?:

who started the relationship?:















Tamaki only nodded, he knew that part of town had a bad reputation, but he wasn’t about to judge Haruhi just for where she lived, his mother had taught him never judge a person on such things. He started up the car and pulled out of the car park, he glanced over to her every once in a while “Are you okay?” He asked softly. 

"Oh, yeah.. I’m good, thanks for asking." She responded him with a small smile, trying to reassure him. Haruhi had a lot on her mind right now, which she had to process later. It was nothing to worry Tamaki about.

He shot her a small smile “Okay, but im here for you if your not okay? you can talk to me about anything” He replied as he pulled into the street “Now what one is your house?” 

"Third one, up the stairs." She answered as she pointed to said house. It seemed to be dark and almost abandoned, but she knew better. Her dad was probably asleep by now, surely, which was for the better too.

Tamaki nodded stopping the car just outside her house, he unbuckled his seatbelt and opened his door, intending to walk her to her door just to be extra safe, in truth he didn’t want to leave her yet.  

Haruhi followed him soon after, double checking that she didn’t forget anything and her hoodie was well enough over her head. She went ahead of him up the stairs, stopping at her door with crossed arms. The young courtesan smiled slightly at her blond friend. “Thanks for bringing me home. I appreciate it.” She didn’t mention her crying. It was pretty shameful, after all.

He smiled and nodded “Anytime, it’s what friends do right?” He paused “Will you be okay now? i-i mean of course you will be, i just mean..” he trailed off scratching the back of his neck “What i meant to say was, I’m only a shout away if you need me”

Haruhi got her keys from her pocket, which were rather innocently decorated with keychains. She unlocked and opened her door as she answered. “Ofcourse, I understand what you mean. I promise to let you know when something’s up, okay?”

Tamaki smiled and ruffled her hair a little, “Get plenty of rest Haruhi, and I’ll see you tomorrow again, night night” he said, he leaned in and kisses her cheek quickly blushing as he turned to hide his face

The shy smooch surprised Haruhi, however she swiftly regained herself. She raised on her toes, lifted his blond bangs out of the way and planted a small kiss on his forehead. “Good night, you dork.” She responded as she went into her house, closing the door behind her. The brunette stood there for a while, wondering why she’d even show him affection. Ah well, it was just a friends kind of affection.

With that, she went straight to her dad’s room, to reassure him that she was safe.

The small bit of affection had Tamaki blushing also meant so much to him, It showed Haruhi trusted him enough to show a little bit affection to him, and he knew thats what she needed right now, someone she could trust, He would be more than happy to be that person for her.

With a small smile he walked down to his car before driving home, When he got in he went straight up to his bedroom, putting on his night clothes he lay in bed and thought about the brunette. Even though their relationship was rushed in the begining he was happy about the paste they were going at now, building up a friendship and trust first, then he would do anything to help her life get better, and then, he would make a move, but only if he knew Haruhi was comfortable with that.  

Haruhi told her dad only the positive things that happened today, lying about the abuse she received. She told him about Tamaki, and how he brought her hone safely. Her father seemed rather glad to hear that she made some sort of friend. Lucky for her, the darkness made it impossible to see her black eye.

Later, when she was alone in the bathroon, she stared in the mirror at herself, trying to get the swell down with some ice. Her face would take a while to heal if she counted the other bruises she had, let alone the other bruises down her body. It made her heart sink in sadness, but she wouldn’t cry. Not again.

She retreated to her room, getting dressed and in bed. Without much pondering, the young lady went to sleep to forget about the day.

The following day started like any other day, as always. Concern from her dad, concern from other courtesans.. As a compensation for the day before, she got paid extra and was allowed to stand at the bar today, which was a fairly calm part of the job without much effort needed. Finally she’d have an easy day.

Tamaki spent the day with the twins, they hadn’t hung out since Tamaki’s birthday so he was happy to spend some time with them, however it wasn’t long until they started quizzing him about Haruhi, of course they only knew about the night of his birthday, they didn’t know he had been with her the past couple of nights, just hanging out.

After he had to leave the twins he decided he would go a bit earlier to the brothel and maybe have a drink, he called his driver to take him there and he could get the driver to take Haruhi home at the end of the night. 

Putting on a shirt and jeans, he called the driver and it wasn’t long before he was at the front door, He walked in and decided to get a drink, He sat down, surprised to see a familiar face at the bar, She ahdn’t noticed him yet “Excuse me miss, may i have a double vodka and coke please?” He asked with a smile in his voice.

Haruhi was wearing a very flashy, feathery and revealing outfit to attract customers and try to sell them as many drinks as posible. It was a way to drag in money.

She was busy cleaning some empty glasses, so her back was turned to him. Once she heard the order, she didn’t immediately recognize his voice due to the music going on, so she went in her full courtesan act as she prepared his drink.

"Sure honey, would you like something on the side with it? A lady perhaps? Or maybe give me a tip for serving you like a well-behaved girl?" She said in a slightly lowered voice.

However, as she looked up to see who ordered the liquor, a slightly embarrassed look appeared on her face and she hushed to him as she served him his order. “Sorry, I didn’t recognize you. Act natutal, okay?”